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Bea Love offers a variety of workshops for all level of practitioners; some of the workshops that Bea regularly offers are described below. If you would like to schedule a workshop or event with Bea, please contact:


Get in the Flow with Endless Vitality

Join Bea Love and delve into discovering your own endless vitality. Bea brings an clear understanding of ancient yoga practices and makes them accessible for daily use in building physical and emotional well-being.

In this workshop you will gain direct experience of unlocking your hidden potentials through yoga practices that best fit your own current conditions-–both on and off the mat. Learn to engage your own subtle energies through breathwork and how certain asanas correspond to and help improve daily experiences. Empower your body and calm your mind to live with greater daily ease.

Workshop includes ancient yoga practices (asanas, mudras, pranayama and body awareness) modernized for accessible use in all environments for achieving a more energetically abundant lifestyle.

This workshop is open to all yoga experience levels.


Seeking The Ancient Sound

Celebrate your bliss with Bea Love. This transformative workshop reveals the essence of yoga practice through vibrations in the heart chakra (Anahata) to instill harmony in your daily life. Bea will guide students through asana, chant*, pranayama and meditation to experience Anahata Nada (the unstruck sound behind the sound). Gain the power of deeper concentration and contemplation that cultivates ease and enlightenment of the mind. Awaken to the primordial sound from within and free yourself by feeling oneness with the universe–priceless!

*Chanting Aum enables students to both feel and hear the all-connecting, multi-sound of the universe through the timeless resonance of three tones, representing the complete cycle of life: creation, preservation and destruction.

This workshop is open to all yoga experience levels.

Dynamic Form & Flow

The intelligent edge of yoga practice is discovering effortless poise, awareness and the infinite details of bliss when surrendering into asana. Bea Love’s signature style combines the precision of Iyengar Yoga with the fluid rhythm of vinyasa. Students will learn how to deepen into their asanas by working with gentle resistance in an intentional way–upgrading challenges on the mat into opportunities for self-discovery. Workshop includes inversions and arm balances.

Be prepared to sweat the details and relax into your body in a whole new way.

This workshop is open to all yoga experience levels.

Yoga & Ancient Deities: The Fire Within

Step into a world where mythological Hindu gods and goddesses animate asanas on the yoga mat. Discover how major deities from Ganesh to the many goddesses activate yoga poses and can empower our bodies and our lives.

Be prepared to fully engage your body and enrich your mind by weaving the ancient wisdom of yoga deities into different yoga sequences through mantras, breathwork and asanas. Discover how ancient yoga traditions can cultivate and deeply ground an understanding of our bodies, facilitating a true and effortless letting go. This is a dynamic and transformative asana practice igniting awareness of your inner power.

This workshop is open to all yoga experience levels.

Dynamic Evolution

Students will be challenged to evolve their yoga practice to where it matters most: daily life and personal relationships. Bea Love will share the yogic practices of Yama (Social Attitudes) and Niyama (Personal Disciplines) through asanas that gracefully and intentionally bring daily experiences into deeper understanding on the mat. Students will be guided through a multidimensional sequence of inversions and arm balances paired to insights from ancient texts.

This workshop is open to all yoga experience levels.