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Power Your Resolve in 3 Easy Steps

In any ongoing practice “resolutions” can often be preconceived as negative, or invoke guilt if we don’t follow through.  Yoga offers a refreshing alternative tradition to the New Year’s itch to give things up through annual resolutions.  This practical approach is called sankalpa, or resolve.    Sankalpas give us a more positive yet equally powerful way to achieve personal improvement.  And with sankalpas, anytime is a great time to let go of guilt and open up to new possibilities–not just over New Years.

Rod Stryker, Founder of ParaYoga, explains, “that kalpa means vow, or the rule to be followed above all other rules.  San refers to a connection with the highest truth.”  Sankalpa is thus a vow and commitment we make to support our highest truth that honors the deeper meaning of our life and speaks our larger purpose, or dharma.  As we embrace our overriding purpose for being here we can then set ourselves free from ego driven resolutions of years past. 

A sankalpa helps us set our conscious intent towards something greatly valued.  It starts from the radical premise that we already are who we need to be in order to fulfill our life’s purpose.  Sankalpas simply focus our mind, connect us to our most heartfelt desires and help us channel our divine energy.  For example, if we set a new year’s resolution to give up eating sweets in order to lose weight and later find ourselves eating cupcakes, we might despair or consider our willpower weak.  However, a sankalpa would expose our desire to loose weight at the root of what we’re aspiring to achieve: is it to overcome being stressed-out and depressed, looking good in a bathing suit, avoiding dangerous health risks?  As we redirect the power of our conscious awareness to our primary intention, sankalpas liberate us to recognize contradictory feelings and impulses as natural experiences all on the path towards a healthier life.  In the above example, your positive intention to be healthier could then embrace a balance of diverse lifestyle changes rather than hammering on the resolution of a rigorous diet alone.

Sankalpa are vows expressed in the present tense.  They recast true effort for the future as if the intention is already fully achieved in this moment.  Sankalpas thus free us from focusing on what we are doing wrong and instead focus us on acknowledging every moment as being continuously right. 


Create sacred space for introspection such as meditation, pranayama, and journaling.  In your space ask yourself questions that only you know the answer to: How would you feel if all your desires for next year came true: where would you be, what will be added to your daily life, what will be taken away that can help you be happier, healthier, etc?

Cast each desired future reality as short sentence or phrase in the present tense for your sankalpa.  Be mindful to keep theses phrases positive and eliminate fear-based words.  For example, instead of writing “I will be a more loving being” recast it as “I am a loving being.”

Cultivate steadfast awareness on your sankalpa to employ it as a daily practice.  Gently remind yourself that your intention is already here, or combine it throughout your meditation and pranayama practice, or as a mantra.  In journaling, write it out multiple times, or write it down and place it on your bathroom mirror or even on your computer monitor.   

Have patience and know you already have within you everything you need to fulfill your dharma.  Deliberate, methodical and focused mindfullness on your sankalpa will help you manifest your most heartfelt desires through the divine energy within. 

Enjoy the journey unfolding within and all around you!

30 day challenge logo 2017 a

30 Day Yoga Challenge

date: June 12-July 11, 2017

time: Daily

location: Worldwide Web


Register by May 20th and Invite a friend for free – two can participate and support each other for the price of one!  

Can you transform your life in just one month? Yes! Strike a yoga pose every day for 30 days and experience your transformation into a better you.

Let me guide you along with my insights to establishing, maintaining and thriving into your own 30-day transformation. You’ll also learn how to cultivate your daily momentum into a regular practice that fits your lifestyle.  Join the challenge and be prepared to revitalize and thrive in your everyday!

Bea Love’s 30 Day Challenge includes:

Instructional Videos,
Training Plans,
Daily Motivation & Guidance,

That’s not all! Enjoy Bonus Perks:

Flexibility to practice anywhere (online),

Live Calls,

Shared online community,

Chance to win cool GIVEAWAYS


Get Your Om on the Go!

Bea audio CD promo card 2

Anyone can practice Bea Love meditation any time and anywhere.  Each daily session is a contemplative pearl of wisdom connected along a silken thread of 21 days progressive learning.

This is a series appropriate for beginners as well as experienced meditators to gain greater insights.

Each daily practice begins with a ten minute guided meditation. Guidance includes breathing techniques to calm the mind, reduce stress and lead one’s awareness to the internal source of inner peace and wellbeing.

Five Reasons to Cultivate Gratitude on the Mat & Beyond:Extending Thanksgiving Throughout the Year

Gratitude is a powerful quality. Do you wait until Thanksgiving for a prompt to experience gratitude? For some of us, we might be only appreciate what we have when it’s gone – or by our family and community influencing us to participate in these high holidays.
Yoga is in many ways an ever-present season of Thanksgiving. It helps us delve deeply into our own personal experience of gratitude on a day-to-day basis. Simply having a body that works on the mat is often a wonderful bounty to behold. When we PRACTICE YOGA we initiate our own personal, daily experience of gratitude – a foundation that is especially helpful to us when our work-life or love-life circumstances are less than favorable. It is often that the real power of Yoga shines whenever our lives take such unexpected detours. The daily yoga practice on the mat we might take for granted suddenly expands to support our daily lives.
This inner-cise of gratitude awareness is as important as is the outer exercise of a physical Asana practice. Simply showing up to our yoga practice every day evolves greater potential for enduring mind-body-soul transformation in all circumstances. And that’s something to be grateful for.
As Thanksgiving brings us all towards recognizing countless blessings around us seasonally, we might additionally accept that such bounty is right in front of us and always within our grasp. Let yoga help you cultivate and experience gratitude for those daily blessings in every season.

Read full article on Gaiam here.

21 Day Meditation Challenge

date: January 25-February 14, 2017

time: Daily

location: Worldwide Web


21 Guided Meditations for Modern Day 

Invite a friend for free – two can participate and support each other for the price of one!  After you register we will follow up directly to confirm your participation and issue a free gift pass to your friend.

Your own 21 day challenge begins with daily 10 minute podcasts of guided meditations.  

Each meditation segment comes complete with thematic daily mantras, proven techniques and foundation secrets that will enable you to sustain an inspired approach to living long after your challenge is over.

Bea Love invites you to embrace your intention, open up to self-transformation and treat yourself to building some TLC momentum in your life – right here, right now!

Video Release Party


date: August 29, 2015

time: 7:30pm

location: Bea Love Yoga Studio

809 N. Cuernavaca

Austin, Texas 78743

(760) 258.5156


Come celebrate the arrival of the Nurture, Grow & Bloom series!  The evening will offer live music by David Rosenblad of Thirteenth Moon Studios and Special Guests. This series was made extra special by the soulful music performed, and produced by David.

Enjoy healthy refreshments, goodie bags and giveaways!  Share this event with all your expectant momma relatives and friends.

Learn more about the series below…

Bea Love is excited to announce the latest installment in the Bea Love Yoga Online Shop. Designed for expecting and new mothers, the Nurture, Grow, & Bloom series is sure to benefit both baby and momma by introducing safe fitness techniques for optimum health through all trimesters and the recovery process. Bea guides New Momma through age-old yoga sequences and offers unique modifications for any yogi: beginner, or experienced. Watch the trailer and order here!



SXSW Interactive Presenter

date: March 13-17, 2015

time: morning and afternoon

cost: SXSW Badge


Bea Love is excited to return to SXSW Interactive as a Presenter on Yoga and Meditation. Come prepare your body and open your mind for networking, innovation and the big ideas that SXSW brings. Keep Calm and Breathe On!


Saturday, March 14, 5:00-6:00pm, Meditation

Sunday, March 15, 9:30am, Yoga

Sunday, March 15, 5:00pm, Mindfulness Meditation

classes held at Austin Convention Center Room 8A

Fall Into Balance In Three Easy Steps


Time for a seasonal tune-up! Enjoy my most recent article featured on elephant journal.

Here upon the Earth’s northern hemisphere our angle of solar inclination is ready to tilt away from the sun and towards the dreamtime darkness of the outer universe—yes, Fall is nearly upon us!

Are you ready? We’re about to transition from Summer’s brightly active, fiery, yang season, with an emphasis on outer achievements, towards the watery, reflective, grounding season and calming inner journey of Autumn.

Allow me to share some insights on what makes me smile about Fall to help you along with the roll of the earth as it dances us out the door of lovely Summer.

Our solar equinox (from the Latin Aequinoctium) happens twice a year and means “equal night.” Each equinox presents us an equilibrium moment during our non-stop revolution around the sun, the point when the earth’s length of day and night are equal.

At this moment, we can recognize and enjoy how opposites may come into balance. I love engaging this special time to align my own energies and oppositions to the natural rhythms of our earth and sun, using this seasonal pause to invoke greater contemplative calm in my life.

Autumnal Equinoxes also usher in lovely seasonal changes, spreading the final warmth and burning lights of summer into glowing leaves aflame with brightness and then softly fading colors and cooler days. I love feeling the life force of nature as it moves back to center and retreats to the roots.

Receding sunlight prompts me to prepare my own abode for shorter days and the longer nights ahead. In this way I look forward to welcoming Autumn as another muse in my daily practice and my kitchen.

The Fall season beckons us to breathe in fresh, crisp air with much to enjoy by pausing in these moments: whether gazing at a myriad burst of orange, yellow, purple and brown fall foliage in the landscape, or savoring recipes that come alive with earthy scents of nutmeg, cinnamon and spice.

We can find inspiration in all aspects of this season’s mysteries and embrace its wisdom and grounding power as our senses heighten the balance of outward and inner experiences during this sacred time.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned to celebrate seasonal transitions and help us all align with the powerful balancing energies of the Fall Equinox:

Prepare yourself by intentionally examining outward experiences aligned to your inward, eternal truths.

Gather in your experiences the summer sun has illuminated. This may be new growth, this may be rewarding completions: recognizing all that’s been achieved and whatever has burned away can be valuable in creating space for our next manifesting of experiences. As the sun recedes reflect and contemplate on what you can let go of this Fall and what deserves to be consolidated and conserved over winter to be renewed again next spring. Here are three questions to get you started:

1) What is already balanced and naturally flowing in your life that you’d like to nurture even more?

2) What pairs of opposing forces, experiences or interests would you like to better balance and improve their flow in your life, e.g. career and play, healthy eating and splurging, pose and repose?

3) What qualities of sensations do you want to experience most while at rest and in movement?

Get on the mat to explore these questions.

Refine your yoga practice to the season by making it calming, warming, strengthening, consistent and grounding. Explore these physical postures below to get you started on your discovery of asana alignment, natural harmony and physical equanimity during this season:

Virasana (hero pose),
Vrksasana (tree pose),
Salamba Sirsasana (headstand), or viparita karani (legs up the wall)
Raja Bhujangasana (king cobra)
Balasana (child’s pose)
Marichyasana I (seated twist)
Svasana (corpse pose) 10 minutes or longer

Get off the mat and go outdoors.

Take time to experience life energies of nature as they gather inward as the earth’s northern hemisphere tilts away from the sun. Go wherever you like to vibe with nature’s rhythms, such as meditative walks in parks or wilderness.

Start at any pace and then let your cadence be guided by the flora and fauna around you: pause, observe and notice how your feet make contact with the earth. If your mind wanders as you walk just let your thoughts flow into the background, like a babbling brook, and gently bring your attention back to your breath.

Take whatever time you need to increase your pleasant awareness as you walk in Mother Nature’s glory of myriad sounds. Feel the breeze on your skin, the soft illuminating light of the fading sun and even migratory birdsongs fading in the distance.

Whether I’m outdoors or in yoga class, I always take a moment to turn inward and arrive back home, engaging with our own nature in which we all can share. In closing, I leave you with the following open heart practice from author Cynthia Kneen’s Awake Mind, Open Heart:

When you are brave and have an open heart, you have affection for this world—this sunlight, this other human being, this experience. You experience it nakedly, and when it touches your heart, you realize this world is very fleeting. So it is perfect to say “Hello means good-bye.” And also, “My hope, hello again.”

Enjoy rest, contemplation and renewal during this autumnal season!


Cycling Through Samsara

Inspired to share my insights on becoming a mother and reflections on Life Cycles! Enjoy my most recent article featured on My Yoga Online!

This summer season witnessed my initiation into motherhood. On July 10th, my husband and I welcomed our daughter into the world. Even though we might accept birthing as a common, if not sacred, honor bestowed upon women, birthing our daughter was a major life event for me as she was my firstborn. Everything went extremely well. Now I fully understand how birthing can transport a woman straight to the heavens without hyperbole; it connected me directly to my deepest, innermost self as well as to glimpses of the great mystery, or “great void” or “great spirit”… whatever you choose to call it!

My daughter arrived in four hours, just four months after the death of my father who passed after a long battle with cancer. This juxtaposition of death and birth brought Samsara to my mind and the experience of repeating and never ending cycles: birth, life, death and rebirth. Samsara is a widely understood concept within the traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Taoism andYoga, where all view this life as only one of many in which our existence stretches back eons in never ending cycles. According to these eastern wisdom traditions, in order to be freed from such repetition of existence we must strive, evolve and attain enlightenment. One of these wisdom traditions has just such an evolutionary path towards enlightenment that is already widely practiced here in the west: Raja Yoga, or simply yoga.

Although we might commonly think of yoga as being of Hindu origin there are many types of yoga, and even within the Hindu tradition there are Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga. Within all yoga from true wisdom traditions there is a path towards freedom from the cycle of Samsara. So we can see that one doesn’t have to be Hindu in order to gain the benefits of yoga, or even to require an understanding of Samsara to benefit from a progressive practice of yoga.

We can simply realize that there are cycles and stages in our lives, and that we can come closer to happiness and progress in these cycles no matter what our beliefs. I encourage you to meditate on your cycles of life and those that you see around you. In nature there is always the cycle of birth, death and rebirth and so to in our own lives, even if these cycles appear much slower to us.

Take a moment to witness your own life in the cycles of…

Samsara all around you. For example, when we were young we might have recognized being a student for several years: our first day of class began our student cycle and then when we finally graduated our student-self died and became reborn into the next level, whether as an elementary, middle, high school or college graduate. Even though we repeated schooling, we gradually progressed through our life, transforming into educated adults along the way.

May you cultivate your own inner reflections on cycles that bring you peace in our constantly evolving life of change.