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She was loving and caring for her unborn baby and obviously loving and caring for her clients. Anyone would be lucky to be one of her clients at Bea Love Yoga.  

—Dr. David Berry, MD, Austin Perinatal Associates

A beneficiary of Bea’s workplace yoga, it was a new experience to practice at Thrive, a little drive west of downtown. Up on the roof it was blue sky, rustling leaves and the warmth of sun on our skin. Bea has the ability to make a fluorescent office feel sacred. It is fun and eye-opening to follow her lead in a place where you see, and feel, the nature that inspires so many poses.

— Moira Porter, Program Coordinator, University of Texas

I started yoga classes with Bea about three years ago. I had never done yoga in my life–only weights and running–but realized as I got older that my posture and golf swing were starting to resemble the shape of my office chair. Yoga with Bea has greatly improved my slouchy posture and lengthened my golf swing, but more importantly, the positions and exercises are strengthening my hips, spine and shoulders for the long haul.

I would encourage everyone that refuses to accept the normal aging process to try yoga with Bea. She has classes for any skill set or age and makes all participants comfortable with their current level.
— Bill Oswald, Director, Koch Industries

As everyone may assume, when planning your wedding, things can get a little stressful as the big day ticks closer. Luckily, I had Bea and her amazing sense of calmness helping to guide me thru the process. I attended the Zen at Work Series with Bea once a week on my lunch break, and even with that one-hour-a-week routine, I was able to clear my head and focus my energy towards managing my stress levels, organizing my thoughts and regaining balance in my life. She really does an unbelievable job at making each student feel right at home, no matter where you may be attending a class. The way she relates Yoga to everyday things in life is very unique and was especially helpful to me while planning our wedding. I swear, every time I walked out of that class, I felt like a new person! I was even lucky enough to participate in her 21 Day Meditation Challenge. Those 21 sessions helped my fiancé and I to find peacefulness even during the peak stress moments of wedding planning. I have much to be thankful for in life, and Bea Love Yoga is definitely near the top!
— Justin Cornett, Manager, Periscope Holdings

I have been taking yoga from Bea a little over a year. I really enjoy taking her yoga classes,in fact, it is my favorite class! Bea is is always very prepared for her classes including having a theme and reason for doing the specific yoga postures in each class. She is very conscientious of each student and gives proper technique instruction to her students throughout class. Bea’s class is the one exercise class that I will not miss!
— Charlene Coor

We recently accompanied Bea Love Yoga in a retreat (first Tuesday every month) to Enchanted Rock. The mix of yoga and nature was cosmic! Bea Love manages to bring components of spirituality and astronomy to her yoga that when performing yoga and meditation on the Rock, you can’t help but feel the forces of nature. There is much depth and heart to her teaching plus she is well-versed in understanding yoga from various viewpoints- both historically and physiologically; she knows the anatomy of the body and its musculature well also. I highly recommend one tries her class and also the retreats. Hope to do it again.
— Prachi Burke, MD

I have been practicing yoga with Bea Love for just over a year and have grown and learned so much from her thoughtful and patient teachings. Each class is a journey that explores a new theme each time. She keeps it fresh and always interesting. I love her sweet, gentle nature. She truly is the personification of the practice of yoga.
— Cindy Nelson

I have been practicing yoga through private instruction with Bea Love for just over two months have grown and learned so much from her through our sessions. Each meeting is a journey that’s specific to my goals and to further enhance my practice. She keeps it new and interesting and I appreciate her patience and guidance at each session. She brings her passion to the mat every time.
— Ingrid Garner

I was recently able to take Bea’s yoga class twice a week while I was in a treatment center outside Austin. Over the course of the four-month period, I gained a new appreciation of the connection between physical well-being and spiritual and mental health. Not only was the yoga a perfect complement to our traditional exercise classes, but my fellow residents and I became more in tune with our bodies, our breathing and our ability to focus.

The exercises and principles of yoga folded in perfectly with the spiritual practices we were undertaking in recovery. In addition to learning a series of poses, we discussed the meaning behind poses and the history of yoga. Bea was able to accommodate the wide variety of physical levels and ages in our class, and we all made progress—especially in our flexibility. Bea’s energy and compassion were evident in every class and even though many of us were in a stressful point in our lives, it was both inspiring and cleansing to make it through the physical challenges of our sessions.

As the weeks went by, I grew stronger, more centered and more focused. I know that I and my fellow residents were able to face the internal work of our treatment with greater clarity. Thanks Bea!
Nina James